Writing a dystopian society project

Your main character may or may not know that their world is corrupt or damaged in some way. The next step in writing a dystopian piece of work is taking the aspect you have selected and crafting it into the worst possible scenario.

Let your imagination and gut guide you into a world that makes sense for your story. Does the idea of worshipping a figurehead or dominant ideal make you want to jump out a window?

dystopian story examples

Just like you and I are able to see both positives and negatives in the world around us, so can any relatable character you create. For each event: 1. Or, your character has a fuzzy knowledge about the society that existed before his current reality and recognizes that his reality is worse.

Explain how the event matters to the society or government in the book 3. Subscribe to receive this free resource. How long could one man or woman, or child survive with just their wits to guide them? Explain 6.

dystopian setting examples
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