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In several books I have dealt with globalisation. The public administration has to play enabling, collaborative, cooperative, partnership and regulatory roles.

Elements of development administration

The primary objective of military rulers is to remain in power and not to take measures for development. Again, while analysing the theory of justice, John Rawls has drawn our attention to this crucial point. These states were of opinion that mere collection of materials was not enough, the utilisation of materials requires special management and modern administrative system. Development administration involves the establishment of machinery for planning economic growth and mobilizing and allocating resources to expand national income. He observed that application of administrative principles of developed nations to the backward countries of Asia and Africa would never produce satisfactory results and he arrived at this conclusion from the practical experience he gathered from some Asiatic nations. It is but essential that this aspect must be scientifically analyzed without any political prejudices or extraneous considerations. The implication is that a nation should try to depend upon external sources as less as possible. From the social science perspective, public administration, as a discipline, has to draw on a variety of sister disciplines such as History, Sociology, Economics, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, etc. Development, it is argued, is the guarantor of security of protection. The process of guiding towards achievement of political, economic, social objectives. The government administration must, accordingly ensure that such projects have the requisite organization, competent top-level personnel and boards of directors with the necessary authority.

The Planning Commission is one such big organization. Since, bureaucracy is that arm of government which is responsible for executing plans and allocating resources at the grassroots, it is imperative that they take some risks and be innovative in approach, especially more so when the nation is a developing one.

It is dynamic in approach and encourages new and better ways to achieve objectives. The major projects require high investments in men, money, materials and organisation. It has been observed that though government often changes, but violent change is seldom experienced by administration.

Failure of Development Administration: V. It is one of the most important objectives of the U.

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Globalisation is also a type of liberalisation. Policies are formulated by the executives for reasons more than oneā€”such as better management of the organisation, economic and better uses of scarce resources, to fulfill the objectives of the organisation. It is the duty of all the developed nations to help the backward areas of the South to help in all possible ways. Mention may be made about a recent issue which is hindering the progress of developing nations. We think that it is the most primary function of public administration to achieve this laudable object of development. But the American stable or powerful economy was capable of withstanding the consequences of attack, but all other countries are not in the same position. Sen emphasises is that, in broader perspective, freedom cannot be separated from development only through the continuous process of development can an individual reach the peak of freedom. The first objective of planning is to restructure the public administration. Administration can't change unless environment is changed and environment can't change unless the administration of programs is changed. In other words, the protection of nature must be given maximum priority in development administration. Hence, for the desired proliferation of freedom development is the real vehicle. Policy-Making and Development Administration: The renowned public administrationists of both sides of the Atlantic have strongly argued that the policy-making process has a close relation with the development administration.

Development Administration is about projects, programs, policies and ideas which are focused at development of a nation, with the point of view of socio-economic and socio-political development of society in general, carried out by talented and skilled bureaucrats.

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Discuss the Scope of Development Administration.