Wish spent my summer vacation

Happy summer! Especially for an old lady like me.

what was the best event of your summer vacation

Headstand, handstand, hanging from the ropes in my yoga room. I also went to one of the panchayat going on in the village under a banyan tree where issues of the village were being solved by the elders of the village with the consent of all other people of village.

I can still smell the muddy water! Being a full extended family vacation with all my cousins, aunts and uncles it seemed super fun from the time we set out in cabs to the airport.

wish list of summer vacation

Go on at least one adventure. In the ocean.

make a wish list how do you want to spend your july vacations

It's harder than it sounds. These places can be visited for some snow adventure besides enjoying their beautiful scenic beauty. My last summer vacation was indeed the best so far. We had planned the trip for 5 days.

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