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The third part outlines the historical development of online campaigning and social media campaigning in the US. To boost her presence on YouTube, she partnered with CollegeHumor and Funny or Die add a level of interest to her content. The data also allows the campaign to micro-target a range of dollar solicitations online depending on the recipient. In other words, opinion leaders are the people you connect with on your social networks, such as family, friends, colleagues and shared-interest group members. Thus, Twitter's impact on the election was only "one slice of an enormous communication effort". Note to self: is JDate the only Jewish social media site? Huffington said. The comparative analysis pinpointed that although there were significant similarities between the two candidate accounts, there were also prominent differences. The third part outlines the historical development of online campaigning and social media campaigning in the US. During his campaign the account was intermittently the world's most followed. Maarek defines political marketing as a form of political communication that has migrated from the US to other parts of the world. Pay attention to content that is getting likes, comments and shares among fans; you may have found your perfect post.

Now that it is officially and November is quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about a new President of the United States. The Obama campaign is often regarded as a breakthrough for social media and politics, because it efficiently created enthusiasm and massively involved supporters.

For this chapter, we rely on the manually collected tweets from the above-mentioned twitter accounts, BarackObama and MittRomney.

Like JFK was the first president who really understood television, Obama is the first social media president. Together with the above findings regarding the lack of dialogue, and focus on branding, this might indicate that Twitter has more in common with political adverts, than being an arena for political debate.

Emphasizing that even small contributions count, the threshold for donating was lowered and supporters with average or low income could easily contribute.

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Previous research has investigated the impact of television on the incumbent advantage, with diverging results. Memes become a dominant cultural event; they frame or even override other messaging. Winston, B. The real drivers of an effective social media campaign, however, are based on the psychology of social behaviors not the current technology. Here are three ways Barack has used social media to his advantage while in the White House. Second, the analysis documented that the use of social media has become a standard element in US presidential election campaigns from onwards, and that the political campaigns use social media for marketing and branding purposes. Though you may have dismissed Facebook , there was one man who did not: Barack Obama. From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, the President and the First Lady of the United States have transformed the way social media and politics mix. Huffington said. Chadwick, Andrew Internet Politics. Social media and text messaging create opportunities for individual involvement that feel personal. Newsom says he is fearful of the constant need to watch his tongue. Obama just started a different site, Change. Obama have used the different platforms expertly while in the White House.

However, the President and his team understood the importance of the two programs and their high viewership. Logging In Is it going to resonate?

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This time, they are constantly experimenting and testing to expand the donor base. They know what you read and where you shop, what kind of work you do and who you count as friends.

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Newsom learned that last year when he ran for re-election. Ormrod, R. Barack Obama embraces the First Lady after she had introduced him at a election campaign event in Davenport, Iowa. What other social media lessons can you learn from Barack and Michelle Obama? Here , with just under 50 million loops, she created a viral Vine making turnips seem fun and appealing. The fourth part will present the key findings in the comparative study of the tweets posted on the candidate accounts for Obama and Romney, while the last part concludes and pinpoints key arguments. The hackers were unfamiliar with Twitter and started their hoax messages with BarackObama, thus only making the message appear in the Twitter timelines of those who follow both Fox News and the Presidential account. What do you want them to tell you? To date, 6. The Obama account posted 9 times as many tweets as the Romney account, and 21 potentially reached over ten times as many followers with each tweet. Election campaign January-November The campaign tweeted a similar photograph from the campaign photographer on election night and many people thought it was taken on election day. The first discusses characteristics of US the political system, and politics in the US and the implications of these characteristics for the relations between the media and politics.

She consults on a variety of media and marketing projects bringing together the ancient art of storytelling with the science of human behavior. Political parties and Web 2. Yet, this exclusiveness and the paradox that the US president is expressing himself in a mundane format, brings a certain appeal — or aura - to the tweets.

Huffington said.

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