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The robots are a better option due to their speed and effectiveness. Although structural unemployment is more identified with the unemployment rate n the United States, cyclical unemployment also plays a part in the unemployment process. The government should also reward institutions and companies that offer employment to people in the country.

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This at times results to discrimination especially between the children of the involved parties. The rate of unemployment among men was at 7. Lack of jobs leads to distress, and this affects the family well-being. High taxes. A similar trend existed in March , with 4. Throughout most of the s, Canada's unemployment rate has consistently been about 2 percentage points higher than in the United States. The unemployed group of people does not include people who have no jobs and have not been trying to get employed. The Los Angeles area has great potential to the development of new workplaces and businesses. Solutions of unemployment Monetary Policy: Applying expansive monetary policy could be not only a powerful tool but also a very effective one. This attitude on jobs results to unemployment because people will keep on searching for a job. Economic Activities The economy is like an intricate machine with many moving parts that affect the output of the machine When the unemployment rate is above the normal or expected, the government President, Congress can get involved, and try to take actions to lower the unemployment rate, this is called fiscal policy Thus to be termed as unemployed there must be some demonstration of efforts to gain employment Trading Economics

Total non-farm employment rose in September by 27, August Prior to creating plan of action, the data is analyzed to determine where the data fits within the labor force. If the government cuts on taxes or increase their spending, the economy will be much stimulated.

The family can lose income and reduce standard of living, when a member of family is unemployed.

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Impact of unemployment in Modern America The high rate of unemployment in the United States has many impacts on the economy, demographics, and global competition. The other significant cause of unemployment in the country is the mismatch of skills required for various jobs and the jobs available. The unemployment rate is the proportion of the labour force that is unemployed not working but actively seeking employment. Large and small businesses closed their doors, held massive lay-offs, and cut work hours to the bare minimum since taxes and healthcare cost in the U. The lack of proper housing in some regions has discouraged people from working in certain areas where jobs are available. Treasury secretary John W. Even though there are many factors that give a look at how the economy is doing, a factor one should carefully examine before making such decision is the unemployment rate. October 20, Involuntary unemployment in the United States is caused by; high population, high job competition, and low education and technological levels.

Many people looking for employment keep searching for companies that are well paying and this process renders high unemployment rates in the United States. In the United States there are several different ways that one can label being unemployed based on the economy of our country at the time.

A vast number of individuals, families, and various relationships in the world take a destructive path due to unemployment More so, the ever increasing trade deficit is slowly taking up the United states economy as billions of its currency are out-flowing to the rest of the world.

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The unemployment is a wasted capacity. Kriner, Douglas L.

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One of the ways to deal with this employment is to ensure that all education offered in the country equips people with the ability to fit into various jobs in the country.

The United States is currently in the midst of a recession so severe some speculate will last longer than the Great Depression.

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In cases where spouses cannot find jobs in the same place, unemployment of one of the spouses is inevitable. It has varied in from 4. Approximately The children of the unemployed parents may lack proper education because they cannot afford school fees for their children. Entrepreneurship helps one get a job for himself and create jobs for other people. The family can lose income and reduce standard of living, when a member of family is unemployed. The solutions to this group of people depend on the causes of unemployment.
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