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The questionnaires were pre-tested for dependability utilizing 3rd twelvemonth pupils from Eldoret Polytechnic and industrial coordinators from Raiply and Coca Cola companies in Eldoret.

Research Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative Methods. Vision is an important country development document that among other things places great emphasis on science, technology and innovation in general and TVET in particular as the vehicle for socio-economic and technological transformation.

the role of technical and vocational education in national development

Insufficient initiative by simply TVET organizations and poor response in the industries were among the main challenges facing the relating of TVET and market. In the past, workers were assured of a job for life, with full time employment, clear occupational roles and well established career paths.

The link between the rate of technical progress and the quality of human intervention has become increasingly evident as has the need for those active in the economy to be trained to use the new technologies to innovate.

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New skills happen to be needed and academic institutions have to meet the want by providing not only the minimum of schooling or perhaps vocational teaching, but likewise training for researchers, innovators and high level professionnals UNESCO, Kenya provides a vast network of technological and vocational institutions offering a wide range of programs for all kinds of school leavers. The responses were analyzed using descriptive statistics and table 2 shows the results of the analysis. Introduction The demand of education for economic purposes due to the pressure of technological progress and modernization has been constantly on the rise in most countries during the 21st century. According to the Republic of Kenya , the industrial attachment program is meant to develop professional and occupational competencies. Its core functions are: The provision of support for development activities in technical and vocational training; The management of technical education programmes; and Career guidance and counselling on matters relating to liaison between technical institutions and the industry. Lundvall, W. References: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Amissah, A. Rinehart and Winston. Kamunge Report of the presidential operating party on education and manpower training for the next 10 years and further than.

The major collaboration cited was industrial attachment Both questionnaires were holding structured and unstructured inquiries. The structure also provides flexible mechanisms and opportunities for entry and re-entry into either channel.

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Tvet in Kenya Essay Example