The summer of the 17th doll

He begins to tell Pearl the three qualities he thinks a woman needs, but Olive appears and cuts him off.

summer of the seventeenth doll scholar

Until then, Australian plays had largely tended towards the quaintly rural, the fraudulently British and the apologetically small in scope. We did have the slight technical problem of a Bubba who was taller than our six-foot Roo.

The play starts with Bubba making candy canes, which are a tradition, talking to Pearl, who has never met Roo and Barney before, about Nancy's wedding. Olive wouldn't have anything to Pearl tries to ask Barney what the third quality of a good woman is, but he says that Pearl doesn't possess the quality anyway.

She insists she can live without decorations, since she's gone the summer thus far without fun and laughter. About who cleared the beer bottles from the table. Her character assessments are spot-on. Olive gives Barney a telegram from Nancy. Olive insists that Nancy made a mistake getting married.

Accepted as sweet tokens of young love, these candy stick dolls take on an increasingly garish quality. Roo tries to explain how hard it was to shake hands with Johnnie, but Olive is still angry about the fight and how this layoff season has been so awful.

Emma enters as Olive runs upstairs.

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