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Williams high marks. The most humane and ethical thing is a manager can do is to allow that person to resign while you give him a few months and help him find a new job. Blue challenges are relatively stable and at the same time quite complicated — think of a faulty movement, a technical problem or an upcoming tax audit.

It is a part of performance management and starts right from the beginning of employment. The tendency for many people posted overseas is to stick with a small circle of fellow expats.

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Overall, the results of our research were alarming. In other words, they send people who are capable but culturally illiterate. Two concrete examples that illustrate this: Today the organisational design for the sales process, which is primarily dominated by red, is strongly oriented towards the concept of networking and the principle of self-organisation. Many tensions have a less sinister explanation, based on differences in how people see things and make decisions, he says. They end expatriate assignments with a deliberate repatriation process. As a manager you are not helping that person or your team by allowing them to continue in that job. Because there is no operating manual for solving the exceptional problems. Curtain up on the colour theory of transformation. But the expats who add the most value to their companies—by staying for the duration and being open to local market trends—are those who willingly experiment with different customs. In contrast, the red tools are mainly about ability, a mixture of creativity, intuition a good feel for the situation , talent and a high level of dialoguing skills. On average, expatriates cost two to three times what they would in an equivalent position back home.

How often do you want updates: daily, weekly or only when I have something to report? That can be tricky sometimes.

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Gabriele says. Yes, there are risks to firing someone.

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Very often, however, such companies consign the responsibility of expat selection, training, and support to the human resources department. But the companies that manage their expats effectively view foreign assignments with an eye on the long term.

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Do you prefer phone, instant messaging, email or face-to-face? Kantor says.

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The right way to manage transformation: Why managers should see red more often