The analysis of violence and aggressive

Broadcast studios: Dartmouth has TV and radio studios available for interviews. Even with these constraints, their analysis found kids who played violent video games did become more aggressive over time. Many studies find gaming associated with increases in aggression, but others identify no such link.

aggressive behavior risk assessment tool

Everett Koop Institute at Dartmouth. Credit: Getty Images Advertisement Intuitively, it makes sense Splatterhouse and Postal 2 would serve as virtual training sessions for teens, encouraging them to act out in ways that mimic game-related violence.

predicting violent behavior

Whereas the analysis was undertaken to help settle the science on the issue, researchers still disagree on the real-world significance of the findings. A new study published on October 1 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences tries to resolve the controversy by weighing the findings of two dozen studies on the topic.

static and dynamic risk factors for violence

The studies all examined how violent video game play affected changes in real-world physical aggression over time, ranging from three months to four years.

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Media and Violence: An Analysis of Current Research