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The next post in this series is about the analysis of the competition for the target-market. But the benefit is that it can help you make a small, temporary living space feel like home. Community, housing, economic, and population surveys are also available. You and other readers of your business plan will need to know the sources of the statistics or opinions that you've gathered from others. What proportion of your target market might be repeat customers? Looking to make your college space feel more like a home? Affluence, big bucks in the boondocks. Be clear about the value of your product or service This comes down to the key distinction all marketers must understand between features and benefits. Watch for tips to Solve It In a Snap and click to shop the look. So deal with these sections of your plan in greater depth; you can be more concise in other areas. Target Market Presentation in the Business Plan The business plan target market section can be presented in a number of formats, but a listing of the major customer segments together with a pie chart will show the investor where the main potential for the product lies. Is it a necessity or luxury? Explain the motivations for purchasing your product or service. In the example below, the market is split into four main segments both in terms of number of customers and percentage of the total target market.

A geographic segmentation example would be seasonal clothing items such as coats and swimwear. Your message After you target the audiences for your plan, the next step is to focus on the key messages you want each group to receive.

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Taking a look at what your competitors are up to can help you answer some key questions: Are your competitors going after the same market segments as you are? So any plan you show to a potential ally will stress this aspect of your operation.

So make sure that any plan presented to a potential partner deals comprehensively with the ownership structure and clearly spells out matters of control and accountability. Indicate how you will meet their changing needs. Census Bureau www. He has worked as an accountant and consultant for more than 25 years and has built financial models for all types of industries.

And he received compliments not to mention offers of financing from each of the three venture capital firms he presented the plan to. But don't stop here. Bankers tend to be more formal than venture capitalists and more concerned with financial strength than with exciting concepts and impressive resumes.

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Another way to look at target market is to consider how you are positioning your company and your products. Big producers, prolific spenders, and global travelers. How much of your product or service might your target market buy?

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The audience for your business plan