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Romance is fine by me.

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She wanted what she wanted and to hell with the very real consequences. They originally fled the South because, to save Del's life, Tiger broke his vows as a seventh level sword-dancer, declaring himself elaii-ali-ma. Meanwhile, the two attempt to stop a southern tribal "holy war".

Tynstar is the ruler of the sorcerous Ihlini, who are mortal enemies of the Cheysuli. They just dive in to self pity because you know- making good fusses about it robs the heroine a chance of playing the 'buhuhuh I'm the victim, my life is ruined' Oh shut up!!!

Why ruin it with a bitchy heroine!?

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Because, even though I don't have much good to say about this book, the fact is that it has been with me for over 20 yrs. He then decides to renounce his claim to the throne and become a shar'tal, a Cheysuli priest. Both the Cheysuli and the prince are driven into a long exile.

Secondary characters who star in Book 2 were better, but don't quite reach three dimensional status until The Song of Homana book 2 in the series The plot? She was spoiled and stubborn and incredibly ill suited to heroine-ism. He is seduced by Electra, his enemy's daughter and Tynstar's mistress. There is A LOT of world building to do, and if anything about this book is excellent, that is it. God forbid a heroine that's actually excited by the prospect of having magical powers. After a disastrous tavern fight, Brennan must marry an Erinnish Princess, Hart must leave and rule Solinde, and Corin must go to Atvia. December Chronicles of the Cheysuli[ edit ] Vol. Soon he is haunted by dreams, dreams of a skeleton, of a woman's voice that commands him -- "Find me," she says, "And take up the sword. The series is great, it just needed a better start. The plot is fantastic and very interesting. Shipwrecked, nearly drowned, abducted by pirates, bedeviled by magic and those who would use the pair to their own ends, the two finally do arrive at their destination. This, a rebellion in Solinde—now a country occupied by Homana—and a plague force Niall to embrace his shapechanger side and try to kill Strahan.

Personal life[ edit ] Roberson has lived in Arizona [2] since Eventually, she incites problems around the palace and leaves for a while.

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Chronicles of the Cheysuli Series by Jennifer Roberson