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You might have to scroll to the top left of the canvas to see your image.

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Not everyone is a wheelchair athlete. But the graphic is actually a very small fraction of the work.

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Scalable Vector Graphics are completely customizable. Click OK. Universal sign change? Then hold down Control or Command and G on your keyboard to group the entire image together.

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Our icon is in the public domain, and that status is important to us. Sustaining that question—in the form of collaborations, events, writing, exhibitions, and more—has been the activist heartbeat of the project.

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Our project is an activist work because we started as a street art campaign, knowing that the mildly transgressive action of altering public property would engage potential media coverage about the legal status of graffiti. Why should that symbol speak for all kinds of accessibility? Choose a color from the palette or enter a Hex color code. When you click the Download button, choose to Give Credit Free. Previously you had to download a. You might have to scroll to the top left of the canvas to see your image. Our project began precisely by noticing the differences among icons already in existence. I like x The arm pushing a chair is symbolic—as all icons are symbols, not literal representations.
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