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Many species of animals are not being able to cope up with the growing pollution. The main features of this stage are backward economy where agriculture is the main occupation, low per capita income, low standard of living, inadequate and unbalanced diet, absence of educational opportunities and presence of social evils like polygamy, early marriages etc.

According to the BBC horizon documentarynumber of current population is about seven billion, seven times more than the last 10, years. Rapid population growth and economic development are increasing the demands on natural resource stocks Orimoogunje, It affects the growth in economy and industrial expansion.

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The rates of population growth of the various countries of the world are, with few exceptions, simply the differences between their birth rates and death rates. People in the country will earn money and will educate their kids so that they can do work for the growth of country.

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One of the main reasons for this is the development in the field of medical science that has brought down the death rate. Government has to spend more on basic necessities such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, irrigation, water etc while the revenue are not increasing as per population growth, so demand and supply difference is consistently increasing, resulting an increase in prices of items. They are fertility rates, mortality rates life expectancy , the initial age profile of the population whether it is comparatively old or relatively young to begin with , migration, and now religion, where focus is placed on migrating to or from a particular faction. It is certain that there was no decline in the reproductive capacity; in fact, with improved health, the contrary is likely. The current birth rate in western European countries is 14 to 20 per 1, population with an average of two to three children born to a woman by the end of childbearing. Overpopulation is a huge problem in the United States of America, which is causing us to run out of natural resources. No, contributions to population growth vary based on each individual present within the population Graham Essay on Population Growth and Its Effects — Essay 2 Words Introduction Population of the World is increasing day by day and it is becoming a huge concern for the world. It [It must refer to a specific word in the sentence or the reader can become confused. In general, the death rate appears to be affected more immediately and automatically by industrialization.

No, contributions to population growth vary based on each individual present within the population Graham Since people today are money driven, this will be an effective step towards controlling population. According to our best estimates, there are somewhere between three and seven times more people than this planet can possibly maintain over a long period of time.

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These developments, part of the changes in the whole complex of modern civilization, involved scientific and technological advances in many areas, specifically in public health, medicine, agriculture, and industry. According to Theory of Demographic Transition, every country passes through three stages of demographic transition. Economic progress will be slower and more doubtful if less-developed areas wait for the supposedly inevitable impact of modernization on the birth rate. But there is a more immediate problem demanding solution in much less than two centuries: Is the current demographic situation in the less-developed countries impeding the process of modernization itself? But do all individuals play a major factor in determining population growth? The government must increase the minimum age of marriage and also keep a stringent check on the same. Some major steps are noted here: Government has amended the law and fixed the minimum age for marriage of boy and girl. Any growth of population adds to the rate of increase of national output that must be achieved in order to increase per capita output by any given amount. While the government has taken certain steps to control the same these are not effective enough. Natural resources are being depleted at a rapid pace because of greater number of people using them.

Things that Impact Population Density The density of population in any area is calculated by dividing the total number of people by the area they are living in. It is time we must recognise the importance of controlling the human population as well as the practices that are ruining our planet.

In many countries including India, population has crossed all its limits and as result we find high illiteracy level, poor health services and lack of resources in the rural areas.

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To appreciate the pace of population growth we should recall that world population doubled in about 1, years from the time of Christ until the middle of the 17th century; it doubled again in about years, doubled again in less than , and, if the current rate of population increase were to remain constant, would double every 35 years. People in the rural and backward areas of the country still marry their children at an early age. Human population is growing at a rapid pace in certain countries. France is a partial exception. In the same period the output of the non-agricultural part of the Indian economy probably would be slightly more than doubled if the birth rate remained unchanged. Moreover, since we live in an interconnected world, it is an international problem from which no one can escape. This essay is specially written for understanding the issues its causes, its affects and most importantly the solution. Select Page Population Growth Essay In this 21st century the World is facing a major problem of overpopulation which has become equivalent to global crisis now. The population is currently growing at the rate of 76 million people per year. The growing pollution due to the ever increasing traffic and the establishment of various industries is another reason for the decrease in population of the fauna. Hence the population of Nigeria consists of all the people who live in the country at any given time Dictionary of Economics, ; Ojo, What little that is left is so polluted that it is not fit to be used. In many cases populations undergo repeated overshoot-dieback cycles, Sometimes these cycles gradually decrease until a stable population is reached with equilibrium in carrying capacity.
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