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It is a comprehensive tool that searches your content in more than 10 billion pages. According to the developer, it counts institutions such as the University of Ohio, Umass Boston, and Trinity College Dublin amongst its customers.

Very good 8 Plagiarism Checker X is a simple tool for students, teachers, content creators, SEO experts and website owners to check whether their work has been copied by others.

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Even better for teachers, or those processing large numbers of documents, is the bulk checker which gives you a side-by-side percentage of how similar the documents are to each other. At the moment, it supports searches using Google and Bing and if either of these two fail, Plagiarism Checker X uses Yahoo.

Free online plagiarism checker with percentage with no word limit

The percentage of your text found in other sources is available. The original formatting will be kept. I use it for all research publications I submit or review. Now it's your turn Forgotten sources, lack of proper citation or potential rephrasing can be fixed! It is a comprehensive tool that searches your content in more than 10 billion pages. You can be as specific as you want from just a few sentences, to a paragraph or an entire page. Here is how PlagScan works: Results easy to understand Duplicated text, potential plagiarism and citations are directly highlighted in the text. The interface of Plagiarism Checker X is very simple and clean.

This Bulk Checking feature is one of the most useful features of Plagiarism Checker X saving the hassle of checking large amounts of data one by one. Simple allows you to compare the plagiarism score of one document against multiple others, Selective allows you to specify reports, and finally Cross Comparison finds all possible duplicate content by checking each document side-by-side with the rest of the files.

free plagiarism checker no word limit

Checking for plagiarism PlagScan compares your document with: Billions of online sources More than

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