Personal hygiene in the workplace

Women usually have longer hair and hair fall can cause a menace in their work lives.

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If the temperatures outside is rising and you have noticed some excessive body odor in the office, post a reminder of the dress code on the memo board for all to see. If, after the memo is released, the employee still displays poor personal hygiene, it may be necessary to have a private meeting with the employee to discuss the memo and encourage an improvement.

You can purchase a long lasting deodorant to get rid of excessive body odour. Hygiene at the workplace is critical for plummeting the threat of being ill.

Simply smearing on perfume or aftershave does not help cover up body odor, and can in fact exaggerate it. Take your time to shop for the right deodorant. Telling a staff member that they are omitting an odor or that you have received complaints about them not washing their hands may become awkward for both parties.

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are always a part of these norms and policies. Cotton Balls: Cotton balls can be particularly useful for office going women.

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Importance of Workplace hygiene and Personal Hygiene at Work