Pakistan a weak state

pakistan is not a failed state but a state of failing governance essay

Seventy-five percent of households own no land in the country. Finally, they are elected in flawed contests which produces a weak parliament which rubber stamps the diktats of the military leader. This is legacy of the past. But Imran Khan has assumed power for the first time at the federal level and is therefore prone to mistakes.

It was an obvious attempt of the army to improve its image amongst religious elements, even at the cost of the image of the government. Pakistan is struggling to become an inclusive and vibrant democracy after transitioning from a military-led government, even though direct military rule ended 10 years ago.

Pakistan a weak state

But past experience has shown that the religious organisations also lack the ability to deliver aid on a national scale. Just as anywhere else, a functioning democracy should have democratic norms, including constitutions and traditions, democratic institutions, including parliament and an opposition, basic freedoms of association, peaceful assembly and expression, and a robust civil society that advocates for exercising these freedoms.

Why pakistan failed and india succeeded

The media is facing curbs on its freedoms and CSOs are facing severe restrictions including a clampdown on receiving foreign funding, although CSOs are fighting back. One of the messages is that one institution can stand in front of the other institution with impunity. Some delicate issues may serve as on-the-job training for the government. Over the years, they became a hotbed of proclaimed offenders, drug peddlers and arms smugglers. However, neither military nor civilian governments have ever really implemented provincial autonomy. This time it's different. Hundreds of thousands of military personnel are fighting the Taliban in the north-west of the country. Since , tribal areas of Pakistan remained out of the writ of the government, as these areas wanted to live by their own cultural norms The same thinking worked in the sit-in staged in Faizabad, Rawalpindi, in November The major consequence is the weakening of the state. The precedent of lawlessness in tribal areas prompted Swat to ape the same. After , the same area brought humiliation for the rest of the country when the question of sovereignty arose after each drone strike.
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Is Pakistan a Failed, or Just a Failing State?