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An old man with steel rimmed spectacles and very dusty clothes sat by the side of the road. War causes and death and destruction, and this is highlighted through the condition of the old man who can be seen as the symbol of civilian victims of war.

The buoyancy of the supports limits the maximum load they can carry. Moreover his clothes are dusty and his face has turned grey.

Old man at the bridge questions and answers treasure trove

Explain how the story brings out the conflict between man and his inner self. At regular intervals, he reminds him to cross the bridge. Hemingway reports an incident that took place on an Easter Sunday. Despite repeated insistence from the narrator to save his life and to catch a truck to Barcelona, the old man paid no heed. In San Carlos, he was taking care of his animals. In what condition is he? Who is referred to as He in the extract above? Answer i : A Pontoon bridge is made up of large air-tight containers which are connected together and laid across a river or canal. The soldier tries to comfort the man, and once again encourages him to leave, but the old man becomes more mentally unfocused; and when he rises, he sways and sits back down. Passage 3 Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

But it failed to give him psychological happiness. So he was constrained to leave his living place and the pet animals whom he regarded his family.

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Answer: The old man is least concerned about the cat as it is said the cat has nine lives and is a survivor. The pigeons, for example, represent peace and harmony and the fact that they fly away, away from the war, maybe is a reference to the refugees who flee from the war to a safer place.

War is an interruption; war separates people from all they know and love, and often these individuals cannot bounce back from the trauma.

old man at the bridge questions and answers icse 2018

One of the conflicts is that between man and his inner self which is seen in the character of the old man. Passage 1 Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow.

What does he answer?

Old man at the bridge questions

For the old man, his remaining years will prove to be lonely and harsh. The old man has left San Carlos, his home town and he reports that he was the last to leave, departing only because of the danger of artillery fire. The narrator becomes a friend in need for the old man but he is not able to relieve him of his worries. The old man answered that he came from a place named San Carlos. The short story, narrated by a nameless soldier, sensitively portrays the sorry plight of the refugees who are displaced by war. What made him worry about them? What kind of relationship did he share with them? However, for the old man at the bridge, this day meant inevitable death and the destruction of that was meaningful to him. Why are many people crossing the bridge? What do the incidents in the story show about the consequences of the war. Explain why the old man finally resigns to his fate.
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Old Man at the Bridge, Ernest Hemingway