Of white hairs and cricket analysis

father son relationship in of white hairs and cricket

However, as the extract develops, Mistry gives a sense that narrator is rather turning away from the concept of sadness. Why can the protagonist be called a typical adolescent?

The boy suddenly loses interest in his task and walks off to read the comics that come with the Sunday paper. Viraf is his best friend but with him too he finds it difficult to say sorry. The protagonist signals to his friend but he does not respond. The light here, again represents the revealing of the truth, and the fact that there is a gloom to the light suggests that the boy regrets ever being revealed to the reality. It was followed in by the Annual Contributors' Award from the Canadian Fiction Magazine, and afterwards, with the aid of a Canada Council grant, he left his job to become a fulltime writer. His father wants him to continue with the white hair removal. There is not much money and they make do with old things. Every Sunday, his father got him to remove with a tweezers, the white hairs that grew on his head.

When I get this job, first thing will be a proper toaster. Daddy reached for a toast and dipped it in the tea, wrinkling his nose.

Of white hairs and cricket analysis

In many ways the narrator is acting selflessly. The father was trying to get a job and so it was important to look younger than he was. But Viraf is busy helping the Dr.

The boy passes a wall he remembers drawing on with his friends. The protagonist — a fourteen year old Parsi boy lived with his parents, elder brother and his maternal grandmother in a shabby old flat in Firosha Baag.

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The Parsi family live in a shabby flat that desperately needs repair. The protagonist spends a Sunday that is not materially different from any other with his family. You could also try the novel Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry.

The boy is going to meet his best friend, Viraf. Main themes Main themes in the story are the insecurity that advancing years bring, the loss of happier times when life was carefree and the privations caused by lack of money. The intimate relationship between the Narrator and his friend Viraf is used to paint an innocent and a childish image of the narrator. It is a cherished memory for the protagonist. Suddenly he abandons the hair removal and walks away to read the comics which come with the Sunday paper. Plot The plot is a threadbare one. This clearly highlights his lack of maturity, developing an aura of innocence.

Later, the protagonist is guilty about the heartless way in which he spoke to Viraf.

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Of White Hairs and Cricket Analysis Essay Example