Needle stick injury

There have been three reported cases of hepatitis C in adults following needlestick injuries in the community. Epidemiology of needle sticks and sharps injuries in healthcare workers in Iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

The main disadvantages of PEP concern the potentially harmful side-effects and the fact that its longterm drug toxicity is unknown. Mirzaei T, Raveri A. Risk factors of needlestick and sharps injuries among healthcare workers.

needle stick injury prevention

Incidence rate of needlestick and sharps injuries in 67 Japanese hospitals: a national surveillance study. In most individuals, these symptoms will spontaneously subside in 4 to 8 weeks.

Med J Armed Forces India. Immediate action dealing with the potential source If the source of the blood is known the patient must be asked for permission to sample blood for a HCV and HIV test. Our study suggested both educational institutions and hospitals could hand-in-hand in taking actions to develop programs to prevent NSI incidents among nursing students, including by developing educational and training programs and activities, establishing self- report system and culture for students, generating role model clinical instructors, developing regulations that promote zero NSIs, performing budget analysis and estimating rational budget allocation for NSI prevention programs, providing necessary facilities to support safe procedures.

Behavior of healthcare workers after injuries from sharp instruments. It is estimated that around three million such needlestick injuries take place globally each year, including one million in Europe, although not all such injuries are reported.

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Needlestick Injuries among Healthcare Workers: Why They Do Not Report their Incidence?