Marketing mix of godiva chocolates

Seen as expensive and initially elitist, Godiva has worked very hard to promote itself as a more sensual, romantic brand that is associated with special events and dates. This is proposed to be implemented in preparation for the planned acquisition of Godiva Chocolates from Campbell Soup Company by Nestle.

Crafting the culture and history of French chocolate. This follows the overall mission for the brand and business of maximising profits without sacrificing quality or exclusivity.

marketing mix of chocolate

Williams, P. Specifically, Godiva displays the knowledge that for the consumer, chocolate consumption is not purely rooted in taste, but rather encapsulates various other components of the consumption experience, including how it speaks to their identity and relation to society.

godiva marketing strategy

Interestingly, this has been assigning a sales force for corporate marketing and pursuing increased sales in the corporate 1. Bulk purchase price offers are also great pricing strategies.

Marketing mix of godiva chocolates

They are thinking about how consuming other alternatives and substitutes may affect those statements they are making about themselves. In contrast to the perspective that taste is a universal and natural quality that people can experience objectively, there are many arguments that explain that taste is actually a social experience — one that is constructed in and affected by the context of the surrounding cultural and social environment Norton, Norton, M. Now the company strategy has been changed and is using the product characteristics to position its brand. The company has made it available at each grocery store and drug store contrast from its previous availability only in the malls and high class stores where the customers have to visit specifically to purchase them. Of the 66 psychographic segments that comprise the U. Hence there are plenty of people who are willing to spend and enjoy the Godiva chocolates both casually or on special occasions. The company can use this strategy to attract a particular type of customer segment for particular products. Moskow, R. The posts and pictures indicate a clear knowledge of the cultural traditions involved with the holiday — placing the plate of Godiva chocolates on a table with other foods that are eaten for Lunar New Year and Chinese decorations that resemble prosperity and luck. With development, comes the attractions of tourism and spending. Geographical Segmentation: This kind of segmentation can be done based on dividing the customers into different geographical locations.

The biggest group of these retail clients are found in London and, in this first year, we will continue to focus on this area for this particular retail market.

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Understanding Marketing Mix of Chocolate Industry