Love in siddhartha

Siddhartha had never experienced anything like this before. He turned to these ways to try to experience physical love, which leads him to become corrupt.

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Kamala had introduced him to Kamaswami, who would introduce Siddhartha to a new world. She taught him the art of love in which, more then anything else; giving and taking become one While as an elightened being Siddhatha is full of pure compassion, the caring side of it is engulfed by his understanding of the river this is hard to explain, but the gist is that you can never know how things will turn outbut the romantic side is part of the drama of human existance.

He then started to attain love and happiness through destructive manors. This new world included women, drinking, gambling, and money. In the many travelers Kamala and her son were on the way to see the Buddha, a poisonous snake bites Kamala. People who chant the word and understand the concept intellectually surround him, but their lives do not reflect the enlightenment that comes from fully embracing the energy ofOm.

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Siddhartha is a part of the world, yet at the same time he can transcend it.

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