Legalisation debate

Not long ago two of the opposition parties, the anti-austerity party Podemos and the liberal right-wing party Ciudadanos, brought the issue to the Congress, although Podemos defended a total regulation of cannabis while Ciudadanos only supported the regulation of its medical use.

decriminalisation vs legalisation

If cannabis and its derivatives e. So, the question arises, is it contradictory to penalize citizens for cultivating marijuana and allow companies to make a profit of it?

Legalisation debate

Even if marijuana is harmful — and that is by no means clear — it is the right of every individual to decide whether to take it. In particular, cannabis has been the object of these undertakings. Jeremy Hunt said he tried a cannabis lassi while backpacking through India, and Rory Stewart admitted smoking opium at a wedding in Afghanistan. Other arguments include moving the problem away from police and the criminal justice system and concentrating responses within health. It is immoral to tell people how they can, or cannot enjoy themselves. Some people believe that hashish is najes impure. But we can see the potential benefits from a taxation perspective if we were to regulate it. Dr Boden and Prof Fergusson suggest cannabis' negative effects may have been "suppressed to some degree by its legal status". The Global South and, particularly, the Middle East, where once the drug had its roots and tales of inebriation, is regarded as static. Following that, we surveyed the legal regulations with regard to cannabis in modern Iran and paid attention to the developments under the foundation of the Islamic Republic in There are also concerns that it may lead to increased drug use but this assumes that current criminal penalties operate as a deterrent for some people.

Decriminalisation is also sometimes incorrectly confused with harm reduction services, such as injecting centres or prescribed heroin programs. And research on diverting drug use offenders away from a criminal conviction and into treatment has shown that these individuals are just as likely to succeed in treatment as those who attend voluntarily.

I believe that Spain has to be the first [in Europe]," said the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, during his speech in the Spanish Congress after the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that Canada would carry out a full legalization of cannabis. The moral arguments noted above also apply to decriminalisation — lesser penalties may suggest that society approves of drug use.

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As justice secretary from to he was also responsible for pursuing a hard line against drug offenders — leading some to suggest he would have been treated differently had he not been white and middle class.

Drugs sold by dealers are often cut with harmful substances, increasing the risk of suffering adverse effects. Given the dearth of scholarly work about illicit drugs in the Islamic world, about which many readers might not be familiar, the article opens with an overview of the place of cannabis in the history of the Middle East with an especial focus on Iran.

Many countries, including Australia, have decriminalised cannabis use: measures include providing diversion programs all Australian states and territoriesand moving from criminal penalties to civil penalties such as fines in South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

Teens who'd got high only once or twice had more grey matter than those who hadn't, but this isn't necessarily a good thing.

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Kiwis are set to vote on the drug's legal status in a referendum in , the exact question yet to be decided. Despite the largely supportive evidence base, politicians appear reluctant to proceed along the decriminalisation path. Then, it discusses the status of cannabis in contemporary Iran before tackling the responses provided by the religious scholars. Multiple studies of what happened in Portugal show the hugely positive impact decriminalisation has had over the past 15 or so years. It discusses terminological ambiguities, references in religious texts and traditions, and the general interpretations within Muslim religious schools of thought. Governments could accrue taxation revenue from illegal drugs as they currently do from gambling, alcohol and tobacco. Table 1 Questions sent to the Marja's. Decriminalisation An alternative to legalisation is decriminalisation. Legalized, pot could be properly regulated to ensure quality and safety — just like any other product. Cannabis has been classified as a Class B drug in the UK since and carries a prison sentence of up to five years for possession. But public opinion is largely in support of decriminalisation, where it concerns cannabis though not decriminalisation for other illegal drugs. It could also be a major boom to the economies of producing countries. Yet, Islamic societies have had long and animated histories of debate around the merits and evils of cannabis. British experts pushing for medicinal and research use of the drug welcomed the news.

Some people believe that hashish is najes impure. Advertisement Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. We also carried out an overview of the published material in English and French and integrated that with our own archival collection.

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Islam and cannabis: Legalisation and religious debate in Iran