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I needed to research many procedures they talked about and I had to look up words they were Maguilar4 using but this helped with my writing because I was analyzing the procedures and I would explain why the procedure was necessary same thing when I looked up the definition of words they would use. Despite that, it is still the way we'll all communicate. Imagine, for example, that someone asks you, "Why does it rain? Not only will this benefit me, but society as well. It is difficult to identify gaps in my knowledge as an English major, only because I feel like I have learned so much. The part of the MLA format that I struggle with is at the most, are the citations of books, articles, and studies. This class is rolling out my sensory faculties and induced my attention in the fictional world and I feel I use made significant progress in my writing procedure.

I put a lot of time into this paper by again asking questions when things were unclear and by looking over my essay to see if I had made any silly mistakes. By doing this I was able to remember certain quotes to help support my thesis. To be more specific, I am proud of the research process completed while working on this essay, in addition to actually writing the paper there were much effort and organization completed in the first stage of my writing process.

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As this semester concerns a close, I feel that through the use of well-placed transitions, I can successfully I found a book where different veterinarians have published their works and I was able to analyze that. Moving past this form, however, has greatly opened my mind. This ethnography revealed the discourse and materials one specific community must use in order to be successful in their practice. When I would read things I would have to reread a certain section three or more times because I would forget what I wrote but by annotating I was able to understand the readings and I ever needed to refer back to a quote I would easily be able to find it because of the markings I made. This essay was fun to write I would look forward to doing more research and analyzing experiments that veterinarians would publish. In college, the reason why we take English courses is too critical think because we need that in every profession from nursing to engineers, from teachers to writers. I struggled with all of these essays but the struggles are what made me a stronger writer and helped me to improve my writing. As a reader I now write in anything I read especially if I come across a word I dont know I circle it so I can look up the definition and continue with my reading.

When analyzing I really looked in-between the lines because in his poem he talks about how he could be anyone and be anywhere but he cant because hes in prison. It is designed to persuade your audience that the War changed American culture for the three or four precise reasons you have identified.

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I struggled with all of these essays but the struggles are what made me a stronger writer and helped me to improve my writing.

Now, with the sentence structure, I have a tendency to write many comma-splice sentences and even complex and compound sentence at the college level.

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I have seen an improvement in my writing in the way I write and how I write.

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Reflection the English language.