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The th anniversary of the Surrender at Yorktown in had generated a new interest in the historical significance of the colonial sites of the Peninsula.

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Smith resisted, and finally it was agreed that he would remain in office until the expiration of his term the following month. The first two English women arrived at Jamestown inand more came in subsequent years.

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A small arrowhead was found next to the boy's right leg, which suggests he had been shot shortly before he was buried. America, the last of the world's superpowers, began as After several years of strained coexistence, Chief Opchanacanough and his Powhatan Confederacy attempted to eliminate the English colony once and for all. Numerous colonists died, and at times as few as five able-bodied settlers were left to bury the dead. Jamestown Abandoned In , the central statehouse in Jamestown burned down, and Middle Plantation, now known as Williamsburg, replaced it as the colonial capital the following year. Before long, the colonists started dying. Serious problems soon emerged in the small English outpost, which was located in the midst of a chiefdom of about 14, Algonquian-speaking Indians ruled by the powerful leader Powhatan. As a result, glassware became the foremost American products to be exported to Europe at the time. Food was running low, though then Chief Powhatan starting to send gifts of food to help the English. Their presence opened the door for Virginia to accept the institution of slavery and eventually replace African indentured servants with African slaves.

Chartered in by King James I, the company also supported English national goals of counterbalancing the expansion of other European nations abroad, seeking a northwest passage to the Orient, and converting the Virginia Indians to the Anglican religion. The first representative government in British America began at Jamestown in with the convening of a general assembly, at the request of settlers who wanted input in the laws governing them.

They also may participate in living history ranger tours and Archaeological tours given by the Jamestown Rediscovery staff.

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This resulted in a small class of rich landowners and a large class of landless or small farmers. This war was a take-no-prisoners' affair, Kupperman wrote. In , he launched a surprise attack in an attempt to wipe out the colony. The Ambler Farm was burned by escaped slaves , who found the desolate island to be a haven. In June of that year, 30 men met for the first time in Jamestown to discuss issues facing the growing colony. Indians stood over him with clubs as though ready to beat him to death if ordered. William Kelso, who directs excavations at Jamestown, told Live Science that the archaeology team hopes to excavate the rest of the graves and identify the bodies. Surviving the First Years Known variously as James Forte, James Towne and James Cittie, the new settlement initially consisted of a wooden fort built in a triangle around a storehouse for weapons and other supplies, a church and a number of houses. That same year, the first Africans around 50 men, women and children arrived in the English settlement; they had been on a Portuguese slave ship captured in the West Indies and brought to the Jamestown region.

Some Jamestown colonists even resorted to cannibalism. Despite peace being declared inEnglish encroachments on Powhatan lands continued undiminished as more settlers arrived in the Colony.

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England hoped the women would help men create ties to the community and make them less likely to abandon the colony. Upon arrival, the hundred-some colonists set about constructing a fort to protect themselves from the nearby Virginia Indian tribes and from a potential attack from the Spanish settlements in Florida.

By this time, erosion from the river had eaten away the island's western shore; visitors began to conclude that the site of James Fort lay completely underwater. A new Capitol building and "Governor's Palace" were erected there in the following years.

In the other excavated shaft lay a boy about 14 years old, according to Historic Jamestowne.

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Nathaniel Bacon got about 1, settlers to join him and take care of the "Indian Problem. John Smith took his place on September 10, Local Native American medicinal practitioners likely had an influence on treatments used. By this time, Smith had been forced to leave due to gunpowder injuries, and the colony's new governor, Thomas Gates, had been shipwrecked on the island of Bermuda along with essential supplies. Numerous colonists died, and at times as few as five able-bodied settlers were left to bury the dead. On June 30, , in what was the first recorded strike in Colonial America , the Polish artisans protested and refused to work if not allowed to vote " No Vote, No Work ". In , George Craghead Gregory of Richmond was credited with discovering the foundation of the first brick statehouse capitol building, circa , at Jamestown on the land owned by Preservation Virginia. On May 14, , they landed on a narrow peninsula—virtually an island—in the James River, where they would begin their lives in the New World.

With the colony growing, and the English settlers using more land and making more aggressive attempts to convert the Powhatan to Christianity, the stage was set for a showdown. People continued to live on Jamestown Island and owned farm lands, but it ceased to be a town.

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What Was Life Like in Jamestown?