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Report Format: There is no one best format for all reports. Be consistent with the wording, the numbering of the annexes and so on.

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It should contain a clear statement of the objectives of research i. Have fun with the language whenever possible. What was its basic design? Report must be attractive. Any abnormality uncovered during research will be deliberated in the discussion section. These people will be "policing" themselves. The relevant questions that still remain unanswered or new questions raised by the study along with suggestions for the kind of research that would provide answers for them. The value of index lies in the fact that it works as a guide to the reader for the contents in the report. Who Should Carry Out the Research? Have a clear research objective: A researcher should read the entire proposal again, and make sure that the data they provide contributes to the objectives that were raised from the beginning. Each main section of the report should begin on a new page. Start with the title, the introduction, then document the first discoveries and continue from that. Research report is divided into three parts as: I. Get a couple more pair of eyes to read the report.

It should be interesting enough to capture all the key elements of the report. Title of the research study is repeated at the top of the first page of the main text and then follows the other details on pages numbered consecutively, beginning with the second page.

Consider conveying the range of answers, e. The methodology adopted in conducting the study must be fully explained.

Research Introduction: There always is a primary goal that the researcher is trying to achieve through a report. Consider recommendations to help employees improve the program, product or service; conclusions about program operations or meeting goals, etc.

Many times, research findings are not followed because of improper presentation.

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Usually, the exposition after data analysis is carried out in the discussion part of the report. At the same time, a forecast of the probable future of the subject and an indication of the kind of research which needs to be done in that particular field is useful and desirable. Normally, following format is suggested as a basic outline, which has sufficient flexibly to meet the most situations. He should, state the implications that flow from the results of the study, for the general reader is interested in the implications for understanding the human behaviour. How many were there? Consider using the present tense, which makes the results sound more immediate. Interpreting information Attempt to put the information in perspective, e. It is an art. Preparation of research report is not an easy task. Research report is a medium to communicate research work with relevant people. The markets today are extremely volatile and competitive due to new entrants every day who may or may not provide effective products. Each of the related topics includes free, online resources.

Therefore, if at all possible, have someone other than the those responsible for the product, service or program to look at and determine research results. You'll learn a great deal by understanding its failures, dropouts, etc.

Quite often guidance comes primarily from the research problem and from the hypotheses, if any, with which the study was concerned. Once the marketers have the information well documented, they can write a general conclusion.

Thus, this section needs to be highly informative with each aspect of research discussed in detail.

data analysis and report writing in research methodology
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Interpretation and Report writing