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This ignorance and sheer dishonesty is not limited to Pakistan based professors and PhD scholars.

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Their outlook on life and of life is different. This position can admit of only two alternatives. Protection of the ideology of Pakistan, etc.

In Mayhe had an entirely different emphasis when he told Mountbattenwho was in charge of British India's transition to independence: Your Excellency doesn't understand that the Punjab is a nation.

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He infact, prepared the ground for Mr. I believe as a result of our farewell meeting, Mr. It has been invented to control constitutional democracy in Pakistan and give unelected institutions a whip to beat up elected ones from time to time.

Five basic elements of ideology of pakistan

No the answer cannot be found in snippets and out of context quotes but you have to see the documents in a continuity as a lawyer would in the process of due diligence. He defined Muslim identity and mobilized them with reference to Islam and convinced others that Muslims are different from the Hindus and the Congress. Here Jinnah was talking about the personal faith of the citizens and Jinnah clarified this when he spoke of sects among the Muslims in this speech. They were always two separate entities. This is particularly the case for people in the western province of Baluchistan, where there has been a long-running nationalist insurgency. Therefore, they could not resist any power over them. So, this ideology kept on strengthening them and inordinate power of thinking and religious potency kept increasing in them and it resulted in an independent state. A militarised Pakistani state at odds with its neighbour and non-identical fraternal twin was not what Jinnah had in mind. Basic Points of Ideology of Pakistan 1. A man is not only a Punjabi or a Bengali before he is a Muslim or Hindu, but he is an Indian before all else. We were a nation — a separate and self-contained nation — whose ingredients and structure differed fundamentally from those of other nations of the world, and which was founded on fundamentals that transcend geographical boundaries, race, and color. Democracy was like a chameleon, changing its complexion according to the environment.

This speech when reading the speech at Patna irrefutably establishes that Jinnah did not believe in the separation of religion from statecraft, i.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act or the judgment or any Court, including the Supreme Court, all laws shall be enacted exclusively by the Majlis-e-Shoora Parliament and the Provincial Assembly, as the case may be, and no law shall be made or be deemed to have been made unless it is made in the manner laid down in the Constitution.

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The Hindus and Muslims belong to two different religious philosophies, social customs, litterateurs.

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The ideology of Pakistan is Islam