I write this letter to complain about the service at your restaurant

Complaint letter to restaurant about food poisoning

Placing me at a table set for four right in the window was poor. Always be truthful. I look forward to visiting the restaurant again. Last Saturday my wife and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and as usual, we went to your restaurant, was looking for a very nice and private night, but it ended in disappointment. The event celebrated my 23rd birthday but an appalling food quality and poor service ruined it. I have not yet shared this on social media or any review website. Have a good day. We typically visit at least once a month. This location is close to our office. However, on April 16, , we had a negative experience and would like to inform you about.

I decided to complain about it to the manager but both the manager and the waiter responded arrogantly and rudely as if I was responsible for the whole fiasco. Contact Author A complaint letter demonstrates your seriousness about a problem. We ordered three hamburgers and a large pizza.

We hope to see some changes.

complaint letter about food hygiene

Normally I would take this directly to the Consumer Rights Department, but I have had some good meals before in your place and can only hope that this was a onetime thing.

To my utmost disappointment, the served food was cold and it looked like the dish was prepared long ago!

complaint about restaurant food

Then replace your cook who cannot win the hearts of customers with his food. We typically visit at least once a month.

Formal letter of complaint for bad service

While I can understand a short delay, this soured my child's birthday party. With regards to the dreadful food quality, they were completely cold. The waiter served my friend some wine and spilled some wine-drops on her dress. The bathrooms were not very clean as well. Your restaurant was recommended to me by a close friend and I took my wife there as I wanted to treat her with the best food in town. Your restaurant is one of the best ranked restaurants in this city, according to Tripadvisor, so I expected to have the best dinner and service of my life. When we complained about the food, we were miserably treated. I look forward to hearing from you. I have enclosed a receipt for your convenience. The waiter was busy clearing other tables and taking dessert orders while I waited to place mine. I look forward to visiting the restaurant again. In the past, the restaurant has been clean.

We paid for our meal but did not enjoy either the food or the night. Sincerely yours I am hoping that you would train your staff and chef not to repeat it.

Complaint letter for food quality

The only good thing about your restaurant was the customer service as the waiters were very patient and were listening to all our complaints. I have not yet shared this on social media or any review website. Sincerely yours I had planned a memorable dinner with a friend I had not seen for years, so I decided to make a reservation with you. So, my grandparents, who suffer from high blood pressure, could not enjoy it. I am hoping that you would take necessary steps so that it does not happen to any other customer as it will hurt your business reputation. The waiter was incompetent and the food was not good. I would suggest you hire more waiters so that guests could be served on time and they leave the restaurant with happy memories. Perhaps I could have complained to the city council for the way we were treated but I am writing you instead. Since this place is highly rated in Zomato, I personally have made frequent visits and also had given my positive review in Zomato earlier. Second, it is better to recommend the kitchen personnel to add the right quantity of salts and spices to the food. First of all, I want to thank you for having the time and providing me with the opportunity to let you know my not-comfortable personal experience in your restaurant last night. Our reservation was supposedly made for 2 persons at pm in the non-smoking area, but eventhough we arrived 10 minutes before, the lady at the main entrance made us wait for an available table for more than 45 minutes, after that she took us to a table right in the terrace for smoking people. The event celebrated my 23rd birthday but an appalling food quality and poor service ruined it.

Meanwhile, we had decided our next order — the main course in which one of the items was Paneer Special Briyani.

Dear restaurant manager.

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Sample Complaint Letter to a Fast Food Restaurant Manager