How to write a mystery shoppers report

Having a plan and a process will help you to write excellent reports that provide valuable information to our clients! By keeping unnecessary details out of your report, you will provide the person reading the report with exactly what they need. Read and re-read to get the most from the experience.

Don't use this mystery shopping sample report as a sample of your writing when applying for mystery shop companies. Here is the description of what happened during my visit.

What on earth went wrong? Show don't tell You've probably heard an English teacher say this at some point.

Mystery shopping report sample pdf

Our clients want to know what you experienced. There is always a nice way to say something and get your point across. Do you know someone who would be a good mystery shopper? Plus, the yellow stripe divider lines in the parking lot were faded. Writing your mystery shopping reports should not be a chore. February 17 did not fall on a Friday this year. Mystery shopping companies send you questionnaires worded and ordered according to what their clients need to know. Mystery shopping reports provide a different set of eyes and perception than they can gain on their own. Correct: When I walked in, Adrienne immediately greeted me from the podium. Their team will have all the data you need, and are there to support and offer guidance.

Share this:. Don't write "Sarah" one time and then a paragraph later write "Sara.

mystery shopping report ppt
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A mystery shopper report example