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She has taught science courses at the high school, college, and graduate levels.

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Accepting tasks at any academic level: high school, college or university lets us satisfy the expectations of a wide academic audience. Advamacs Concentrations — Switch between molecular weight and density, with built in sample solutions to help you study. We make communication with your assistant easy by means of live chat which you'll find on your personal account. Message them and see if they know the answer to your question. Derive kinetic energy values here. Significant Figures Significant Figures - Don't slow down due to long handwritten equations. Mera Calculator Dalton's Law - If you need to know the partial pressures of an equation then meracalculator. Mathway currently does not support tutoring in Chemistry. Great for if you're new to ion and molecules or if you just want to double-check your work. UWashington Radioactive Decay - Simple and complete nuclear decay equations that provide precise answers.

Visit your instructor during office hours, call him or her, or email questions. If you can't get a live person to answer your question, then the next best thing is to search for the question and answer. The site promises to charge a fair rate to answer a question, but doesn't say how much it costs.

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Sometimes a competent person answers a question. Enter your data into the text boxes and start getting some answers. Concentration of a Solution via Titration — Online tool to titrate samples given the concentration of the standard, volume of titrant needed for titration of the standard and of the sample.

Or maybe even just the pH? Don't want to miss the deadline?

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Solve Chemistry Problems: A Collection of 62 Chemistry Calculators & Utilities