Handwriting analysis i dotting meaning

Concave shape: Imagination overflow, expansion, credulity.

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If so, it might mean you're a little too uptight. Handwriting says a lot about you. Keep navigating this website to continue discoveringand its usage as a tool for self-awareness and personal development.

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Or, it could just mean you were in a hurry. Large printing characterizes attention seekers, while small writing points to a person who prefers staying out of the spotlight.

Handwriting analysis personality traits

If so, it may be that you like attention. Capital Letters That Are Huge If you write your name with a huge capital letter , you might secretly wis you were famous ā€” or at least somewhat recognized. Letter i in handwriting Analysis: Graphology Letter i. The irregularity in punctuation of letters I means distraction, lack of precision, oversights, tendency to dispersion, lack of persistence, lack of organization in tasks. Direct placement above the stem reveals loyalty. When accompanied by curved, soft and loose writing: laziness, negligence. Extraversion, affection, kindness. Handwriting That Slants Upwards Take a look at your notes, your to-do list, or your journal. Unstoppable imagination.

In other cases it may reflect fantasy, search for originality, in response to juvenile protest. In regularity, shape, exactitude, as well as the diversity of shapes in which they are located.

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If heavy, loaded with ink and dirty, we need to confirm with other signs and may be interpreted as pessimism, discouragement, depression. As Russin tells me, this might mean you're talkative and excitable, and that you make a great friend.

Handwriting analysis i dotting meaning

High and free marks mean you have big ideas ā€” but you're also in a hurry. The variety of shapes of the dot of letter i is very broad. There is also a possibility that the writer is disturbed or anxious about something which makes him fling his pen in such a way that his dots turn out to be dashes. In general, the fact of placing the dot in the right spot, indicates that the individual is concrete and exact at the moment of issuing opinions or observations. Low dot: If precise: Speaks of an individual with a practical sense, concrete, realistic. Connected dot that leaves a stroke: Negligence, indolence, hoarding. As Russin tells me, this might mean you're talkative and excitable, and that you make a great friend. Convex or umbrella-shaped: Slyness, diplomacy, reserve, simulation.

Typical stroke of a nervous, unworried and hurried individual.

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