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Moreover, employees are encouraged in sharing ideas, opinions, and observations with line managers. The practice of numerical flexibility in Harrods allows the HR manager to ensure the number of employees needed by the company is fulfilled.

Unit 3 HRM Guest Model Assignment Unit 3 HRM Guest Model Assignment Introduction With the change in modern times, organizations have realised and considered the employees to be an indispensible asset for the long-term success of the business and effective management of human resources will drive an organization towards the achievement of its predefined objectives.

Guest, D. Harrods forced to pay 18, to ex-security guard over coffee row sacking.

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Human resource management, industrial relations and achieving management objectives. Prassl, Within Harrods there are different legislations and laws with are incorporated in the HR policy to maintain the equality in the human resource approaches.

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Harrods has been providing different facilities in the management of the employee welfare. The practice of work from home has boosted job satisfaction amid employees who prefer to devote the working hours in doing work rather than spending on travelling to reach the office. Key concepts in organisation theory. The enforcement of equal opportunities legislation also ensures that an organization is not involved in practicing any kind of discrimination in its workplace. You should give examples from a selected organisation and discuss the similarities and differences in their approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity. UK government has a vital role to play in the flexible working arrangements practiced in organizations. Human resource management: theory and practice. Groeneveld and Walle, 3. Prassl, The organisation has provided Intranet facilities for the employees where they are able to provide their feedbacks and air their views over different issues in the environment. Through this scheme the organisation is involving the employee views in their strategies. An organization gains competitive advantage by using its people effectively, drawing on their expertise and ingenuity to meet clearly defined objectives. This not only makes quick decisions but also brings out better and different ideas and simultaneously motivates the employees in giving their best performances as they are made to feel an integral part of Harrods. Place an order Conclusion Through this assignment the concepts over the management of human resources are discussed.

By abiding this act Harrods has placed proper training which includes the institute relevant programmes on the health and safety measures which ensure their acceptability of the health and safety standards during the working lives.

The most significant one within all approaches of Harrods is the Bright Ideas scheme which is used for engaging the employees and providing empowerment to them. By adopting a model of flexibility in workplace, Harrods sets an example of an organization that cares for the employees needs. Cornell University Press.

Moreover, it will help in employee retention and enable Harrods in attracting employees with higher skills. Groeneveld, S. Activities like job enlargement has helped the employees to take up challenging roles for fulfilling their individual self-actualization need.

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In Harrods, Atkinson model of flexibility is practiced which is based on breaking down employees into 2 groups namely peripheral and core. Equality and the diversity within the workplace are promoted through similar approaches by the organisation. By distinguishing the success of the objectives and the achievements towards the organisational goals performances are being measured. By adopting a model of flexibility in workplace, Harrods sets an example of an organization that cares for the employees needs. References Bratton, J. Harrods always makes a genuine effort in ensuring that its recruitment and selection process compiles with the equal opportunities legislation and is also carried in the workplace so that every employee receives their rights. There are different goals of labour welfare: Providing a satisfied and secured working experiences Improving skills, behaviours and characteristics and focus on the weaknesses Providing a better and health working environment Promoting work life balance through proper approaches Marinating and controlling good relation with the labour union Prassl, There are two schemes in the employee welfare approaches: Statutory welfare schemes: under this scheme different facilities are provided to the employees such as medical facilities, drinking water facilities sitting room facilities etc. The model emphasizes that HRM is based on commitment in contrast to compliance as in the case of personnel management. Flexible working practices have enhanced Harrods competitiveness by better responding to the market changes through effective use of staff and have further allowed extending the hours of operations leading to more revenue generation. Different interview stages of Harrods like initial applications, screening of CVs, telephonic interview, role of assessment centres, interview of resourcing, line management interview and also final stages etc are impacted by the culture of Harrods. The management of Harrods does not consider any practices of age discrimination while appointing female or male candidates in higher position of management. Employee are briefed and trained when they join to increase their competency levels. Many companies prefer hiring young employees over middle-aged at less pay. Human resource management: theory and practice. Through rating system the line managers provide proper rating on the performances.
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Hard and Soft Models of Human Resource Management Essay