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This revenue center is extremely important for the business because it will provide an additional stream of income for the business will providing parents of children using the arcade an incentive to stay at the facility longer. What are some insider tips for jump starting a roller skating rink? It also makes accounting and tax filing easier. Of course, people are free to use their own skates or hockey equipment at the facility. Boise has a new airport and a nearby Free Trade Enterprise Zone that should grow and attract even more new businesses. As the business grows, additional part-time or full-time employees may be added to handle the increased workload. Smooth Slide Rink therefore has the best opportunity to engage in intensive marketing campaigns to command a larger market share. STEP 5. John Quigley is currently a master technician with Farnsworth Motors. This is a relatively new concept for this part of the country. This includes the cost of mechanical and electrical work such as plumbing for the freezing system, equipment such as a Zamboni and supplies such as rental skates. How long it will take you to break even? Currently, the economic market condition in the United States is in recession.

Over the last few years, skating rinks have recaptured the hearts of adults and children, offering a safe and entertaining environment for everyone. To that end, Management will place a number of advertisements in locally based newspapers and advertisements from the onset of operations which may include discount coupons or coupons for free admission.

A significant window of opportunity exists for a company such as the kind we are proposing. Experts say that usually a business should be in operation for at least one year before they can generate the statistics that will help in accurate forecasting. Hire staff. This business model is akin to Barnes and Nobles installation of cafes in most of their bookstores.

We will have the best location of any rink in the city. He performed all jobs and operation of the skating rink.

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A strong brand will help your business stand out from competitors. How does a roller skating rink make money? We will listen to our customers and conduct surveys.

free skating rink business plan

Every week, we see articles in the newspapers of Kansas residents and companies relocating here. You looked forward to the weekend, anticipating that feeling of excitement you felt from lacing up those skates.

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All of this activity can only help our attempts to start a roller rink. Offer special pricing for a period of time. Based on market findings, the skating facility intends to target the following groups of customers. This market segment has been relatively stable over the past five years. Skating is an activity that is conducive to both large groups as well as the individual and we need to give our customers a facility that they can have a quality experience. The sales forecast table also reflects a slow down in the summer due to school being out and other summer recreational opportunities available to out customers. He will continue to maintain his job and its separate income at least until the loan has been paid off. The outer floors do not need to be wooden. McKenzie Roller Rink will target local markets with special focus given to the large groups looking for a facility to hold their parties and functions. Service an average of 4, customers per month during the first full year of business and 5, customers per month the second year. We will listen to our customers and conduct surveys. Most likely, the Company will hire a qualified business broker to sell the business on behalf of the Roller Skating Rink. With an emphasis on customer service McKenzie Roller Rink will differentiate itself from other recreational opportunities in the area by establishing a welcoming friendly atmosphere for the consumers in our target market. However, skating rinks usually are a family and youth-oriented business.

Provide video arcade and redemption counter.

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Roller Rink Business Plan