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Investigators wearing gloves combed the area for evidence. Deep, with unfocused pupils trying to forget it all. They were finally apprehended on October 9, , in connection with the Edison divorce torture plot. Kidnapping and abduction have the same meaning. Not just a plan but an evil plan The Charles Lindbergh kidnapping of was a major historical event that impacted the world greatly It was dark. The police arrived in the nick of time and arrested the strange man. He asked her to come over and bring her girlfriends with her,because,his friends are coming too. Part 3 allows maximum imprisonment of 12 years or a fine of the fifth category [8] if the victim has been killed. Overall be sure that the reader really feels as though they are there, and they were a part of the situation. Kidnapping can be classified into three groups: I. You might hear mumbled voices and feel the rope tied around your arms. Just then, an ear-piercing scream shattered the silence. International organizations are joining Nigerian groups to combat this problem.

Somalia, which is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, unfortunately has quite a bit of experience with this problem. Bride kidnapping is a term often applied loosely, to include any bride "abducted" against the will of her parents, even if she is willing to marry the "abductor".

Baron, the mastermind villain, states that there will be severe consequences imposed if they try to escape the estate.

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In any case, kidnapping is to be dealt with care and caution. Sometimes, ordinary citizens participate in kidnappings in order to line their pockets, usually youths who are hired by rich men to do their dirty business.

Concrete language provides, as the name would suggest, concrete details for the reader.

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He asked her to come over and bring her girlfriends with her,because,his friends are coming too. My sixth sense told me that something was wrong. Abstract language might say that you felt frightened.

The greatest ransom ever paid was 6 billion dollars for the release of two business barons, brothersthe Born of Argentina, to the left wing urban guerilla group, Montoneros on June 20, It was large and it moved extremely slow, as if to relish its work.

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