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Matryoshka dolls This is my take on the matryoshka theme: Six women from all walks of line, nested one inside the other: Of course, from a practical point of view, these dolls are somewhat lacking. Tutorial: How to build the stegosaurus calendar Here is a quick photo tutorial for those of you who want to build the stegosaurus calendar.

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How can I get my print job once it is finished? Therefore, some letters turned out to be a bit too difficult for some, which prompted Patterns are Adobe PDF files.

Tutorial on making the alphabet letters Update: The alphabet is now available as a beautifully printed book. Step 6: Finish To use the puppet, place the cone on a finger.

How long will it take to complete my print job?

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Therefore, some letters turned out to be a bit too difficult for some, which prompted For the lion, glue the mane to the back of the head with the colored side facing to the front. Here are suitable cards: Actually, the use as a directory and calendar is not mutually exclusive: You can put the calendar cards in front, and the directory cards behind them: And here is the PDF. Pinch the top of the cone together and glue. Job completion times will vary depending on the complexity of the job. Step 3: Cut Cut out the cone body, head front and back , and tail front and back for the puppet. Rehearse your play a few times, and then perform it for family and friends. Press glue tab and edge together to form the cone. Some of our locations have an experienced graphic designer on staff to assist with the design of your print job. Step 4: Glue Cone Wrap the cone body piece into a cone shape. Puppet Play: Perform the play included in the project, Officer of Heaven. Because all our locations are individually owned and operated, services may vary. Read all of the directions. Color the back of the mane, if you like.

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