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The difference between acceptance and rejection is often found in the "first-page promise," the contract you make with a reader that your manuscript will deliver fascinating characters, a unique voice, a compelling problem, and all the genre elements that readers love.

Roll up your sleeves and get informed. Writers, nothing keeps a reader turning pages like tension! We miss our subway stops for them. This workshop will inspire you to play with the memoir form in creative, delightful, nontraditional ways, such as switching up point of view who says memoir has to be in first person?

Many complex emotions can stop us from writing about sexual trauma and harassment, whether about ourselves or our characters: shame, regret, shock, fear, even foggy memory. Registration is open until the workshop is filled or until class begins.

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If you thought writing, revising, and selling a novel was hard, wait until tax time comes around! This three-hour workshop will break down the often daunting and highly competitive process of seeking literary representation. Want to write a memoir that stands out?

Writing between the lines is all about writing in the spaces between stated facts. We stay up until the wee hours with them.

Much of the effect—and the joy of creating it—comes from the poetical use of language.

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