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Bergman's work has an arc.

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The dusk, the bowl of wild strawberries, the bowl of milk, Joseph with his lute. This is an interesting combining of folk superstition with more institutionalized religious beliefs. Chief among these is Woody Allen, who has referenced the film in two of his own, Love and Death and Deconstructing Harry. The Internet Movie Database entry for this film, incidentally, has the tagline "surrealism", presumably because of the chess scenes. Many films today stay away from such direct manipulation, but this powerful presentation of messages is what makes this film so classic and timeless. The characters especially Death were among the most dynamic characters I have ever known and I personally believe that all together the cast was phenomenal in there performance especially the seen with the husband and wife acting team who have the most beautiful relationship I have ever seen since Tristan and Isodel and I have too say that all together the movie carried also some religious enlightenment and helped me better understand the primitive idealism and mythology I have so come to except as truth. Both are about men near the ends of their lives, on a journey in search of meaning. Not belief. He had submitted the script to Svensk Filmindustri, which then financed almost all Swedish films; it was rejected. The knight questions the girl about the devil, who should know if God exists. The film's DVD commentary says Bergman once said in a press conference that he believed there is no afterlife, that death is the finality of human existence, and he found great comfort in that complete sense of annihilation. The chess game is a brilliant metaphor for man's attempt to defy mortality's gravity through his accomplishments, perhaps most vividly in the idea of artistic genius, the need to create a vital work which will survive the author's death. Scene by scene, the struggle between the existence of an omnibenevolent God and the countless evils of this world is vividly laid out in front of the viewer. It is a story told as a sermon might be delivered: an allegory

Advertisement Images like that have no place in the modern cinema, which is committed to facile psychology and realistic behavior. There is a scene in the movie "Diner" where the protagonists are apparently watching "The Seventh Seal.

Time and fashion have not been kind to The Seventh Seal; Bergman's verdict of "uneven" is spot-on. Meeting Death along the way, he attempts to forestall his fate by challenging Death to a game of chess in which, if the knight won, death would leave him alone.

The script in particular—embodies a mid-twentieth century existentialist angst He offers Death a bargain: They will play chess for the knight's soul. A camera with no sound was set up and the picture shot before the cloud dissolved. But just why has the film proved so popular?

And they were a huge inspiration to dozens of would-be film-makers. The knight Max von Sydow shares the story with many other characters, not least his squire Gunnar Bjornstranda realistic, down-to-earth man who has a lively dislike of women, and a sardonic relationship with his master.

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