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He created the Court of the Star Chamber which took the power of administering justice away from nobles and placed it firmly in the hands of royal courts; nobles were no longer capable of rigging verdicts to promote their interests!

A unique urban rich emerged in Italy comprised of the local nobility and new rich! Example 5: Substantial difference found What may be defined as "substantial differences" which may lead to alternative, partial, conditional recognition or to non-recognitionwill to a large extent depend on the purpose s for which recognition is sought.

The competent recognition authority has an obligation to inform the applicant of the nature of these substantial differences. Unlike their medieval predecessors who embraced Aristotle, Renaissance scholars embraced the Greek scholar Plato! Incas controlled an enormous empire in the highlands of Peru!

Portuguese ships delivered overslaves to Europe in the second half of the fifteenth century! Concordat of Bologna—seeking to end the French from meddling in Italian affairs, Julius agreed to give the French king control over the clergy in France in exchange for French recognition of the papal authority over church council and the right to collect annates in France o The secular nature of the papacy during the reign of Julius II prompted the humanist Erasmus to write the satire Julius Excluded from Heaven Niccolo Machiavelli o He lived through the tumultuous years when French, German, and Spanish armies wreaked havoc on Italy leading him to conclude that Italian unity was needed!

In the absence of information on learning outcomes, the competent recognition authority should try to infer the output of a qualification from other pieces of more readily available information, such as the place of the qualification in the national education system or qualifications framework, the purpose of the programme, the contents of the programme, compulsory elements such as a thesis or dissertationthe rights attached to the qualification and workload of the programme.

Christine de Pisan wrote many poems, but most notably The Treasure of the City of Ladies, which was a chronicle of the accomplishments of the great women of history The Florentine Academy and the Revival of Platonism!

French invasions of Italy led to the permeation of Italian humanism in France!

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