Cassava farming business plan in nigeria what is bta

The farm area is uniquely positioned as it still highly rural find blessed. The present Agric policies appear timely if only government can adhere to them and remain consistent. However, if you are not so fortunate to get a fertile land to cultivate cassava all hope is not lost.

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Enhance the soil quality This is how you can get the soil ready for successful cultivation: Use fertilizers; grow cassava with other crops, etc. The popular answer is the lack of capital.

You will require capital to purchase land, acquire farming and processing machinery, cost of labor, etc. This detailed report exposes step by step guide how to start lucrative cassava farming in Nigeria. Do you know anyone who could benefit from reading this post? Good weed control is one of the most important factors in obtaining. In this article, I have painstakingly gathered all necessary information you require to start a smooth journey into wealth from cassava farming. However it is more beneficial to get the stem from your own farm for next planting. However, you must ensure that whatever land you are choosing is accessible, well drained and fertile loamy soils are best. Select varieties that bulk swell quickly in the ground, producing large quantities of food. In Nigeria, cassava production is well-developed as an organized agricultural crop.

It is our most important food crop by production quantity while yam is the most important food crop by value. Cassava cultivation is less demanding in terms of input.

cassava farming business plan in nigeria what is bta

Selecting healthy stems is crucial to growing rich cassava crops that your market would quickly purchase. This triggers a great source of worry of successive governments resulting in the enactment of various policies aimed at reversing this.

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Markets in the project area.

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Cassava Farmers In Nigeria What Is Bta