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It is indicated that the implementation of modern quality manufacturing systems like the lean system tends to compromise the relationship of the company with its clients.

They got good name within their market and stakeholders are also felt happy with the increase in profits.

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It is vital that any In evaluating the success of Cadbury Schweppes and their organization takes time and gives consideration to the culture HR strategies and more recently Cadbury Schweppes Adams. The management will create family atmosphere at work place for their employees to do work. Our core purpose "Working together to create brands people love" captures the spirit of what we are trying to achieve as a business. According to Paul Bate there is an important relationship between organizational culture and effective organization problem solving. We need great people in our business because they create the brands that consumers love, said Oliver West. HR business. Accountability which was taking ownership, adaptability which was about coping and adapting to change and aggressiveness which was being results focused. With an open-minded outlook improved performance becomes achievable. The research will help the company to gain the benefits of higher employee satisfaction level and have a competitive edge over its competitors. Provided by assessment specialist PSL, the online tests give objective evidence about applicants to help Cadbury Schweppes shortlist the best candidates. Of Commerce 2 Assistant professor, Deptt.

Recently with the acquisition of Trebor Bassett and publications and research article. The best practice and best fit views are two traditional models but the new trend is the resource-based approach.

They are spreading worldwide. Bubbaloo is sold in 25 countries worldwide. The organization has been continually changing and adapting.

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The motivating factors addressed topics such as: the work itself, achievement, recognition, responsibility, and advancement. Since Cadbury has also pioneered the development of cocoa cultivation in India.

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So that it must be considered by the management and steps should be taken to find out the factors which cause job dissatisfaction and to reduce such dissatisfaction. Cadbury is giving more important to their employees in all the aspects. Job satisfaction is a function of satisfaction with different aspects of job, i. At the same time, managers will be able to make the most of these applications to help them come up with decisions that will essentially be beneficial for the company as a whole. The strong HR presence indicates clearly the best practice approach but they are also resource based. Some facts revealed in the study are bases on personal observations also. Use our milestones to view Cadbury history at a glance; discover how the company grew and when the key products were introduced. Since, it is the urgent need of every organisation to understand that human resources II. This means that the company will be asking for information from their major stakeholders and use it to develop their strategies and marketing programmes. One of the most quoted theorists is Hertzberg who during the s developed his theory which identified two dimensions of satisfaction, namely motivation and hygiene. Basically feedback coming from those who bought their products could be used to their favour. We Recently entered the gums category with the launch of our worldwide dominant bubble gum brand Bubbaloo. We collaborate and work as teams to convert products into brands. Work is one of the most important activities in a persons life.

Non Cash Benefits? The company has run programmes to many research projects before eminent institutions in the country; help their employees embrace, instead of fear change.

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If culture is changed they will first get negative from their staff. For instance, a company focused primarily on improving the quality of their products could encounter problems in their implementation of CRM.

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