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Companies of the same size going through a crisis tend to turn inwards for reorganization. Increasing product quality was a generalized target. London: Penguin. Glaser, B. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Managers consider competitor information very important, very difficult to obtain and use it very frequently; market information is also considered very important, it is used very frequently, and is found to be relatively difficult to obtain. In order for the organization to be successful, it is important that it scans its environment regularly to assess its developments and understand factors that can contribute to its success. Taking the Environment into Account One of the key elements of the strategic planning process is environmental scanning. For the growth and stability of the company, these identified weaknesses must be corrected without delay.

The comparative analysis of results regarding environmental change, obtained through the assessment of environmental attributes and through the analysis of perceptions of environmental change, evidenced compatible results. Most of the successful applications submitted to development programmes, with relevance for PEDIP, were directed to productive investments and training, this last item being funded either through PEDIP or through the European Social Fund.

The task of explaining variance among companies resides with a few key relationships among those categories.

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These demands are Expectations. While PepsiCo has adapted to the changing environment, other companies have not fared as well.

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The brackets denote complementary interviews that were not included in the statistics The grounded theory proposed comprises three main components: the categories the core category and the subsidiary categories , the principal relationships among them, and the contextual factors that shape the categories and relationships. I Industry — Reviewing the status and future needs of industry will help determine the viability of current programs as well as identify emerging needs. Sometimes both forms are used to convey the same information, the oral form being used for the first approach, followed by a memo or a report. Managers consider competitor information very important, very difficult to obtain and use it very frequently; market information is also considered very important, it is used very frequently, and is found to be relatively difficult to obtain. This concern was particularly acute among the companies of the plastics sub-sector and the large manufacturers in declining industries, such as the chlorine producer and the synthetic fibre manufacturer. Before you begin strategizing and defining initiatives, it's vital first to understand the "playing field," and develop a shared agreement on "where we are now" and "how things stand" as a critical context for deciding what "we should do. Environmental scanning meaning is the gathering of information from an organizations internal and external environments, and careful monitoring of these environments to identify future threats and opportunities. The information climate was assessed through the information infrastructure implemented, i. Glaser, B. The company can come up with a strategy to diffuse such threats or minimize its impact. Therefore, this type of scanning causes participants to think about forecasting in as many areas as possible. The performance of the liaison role by chief executives and other managers consists largely in the setting up of their external information system. These are Issues. Theoretical statements concerning the environmental scanning process Perceived environmental change refers to the alteration in the pattern of events and relationships occurring in the company's outside environment, as perceived by managers, which may lead the company to adjust to the new conditions.

Organizations can observe and track them. The companies that engaged in improving product quality as part of an adaptive process to cope with EC regulations denote, generally speaking, poor operating conditions to face the Single Market, and present a typical reactive behaviour.

The four influencing environmental factors known as SWOT Analysis are: Strength — an inherent capacity of an organization which helps it gain a strategic advantage over its competitors.

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However, some companies made clear that they had always pursued quality, while others admitted that they had to improve the quality of their products and the conditions of production in order to satisfy EC regulations. Information climate emerged within the organizational sphere as a set of conditions that determine access to and use of information. Usually, emerging issues start with a shift in values or change in which the concern is viewed. Events can occur either in the internal or the external environment. For instance, many individuals and organization use a SWOT analysis, which looks at strengths S , weaknesses W , opportunities O and threats T as a means to examine the current state in which organization operates. When an entrepreneur is coming up with new ideas, plans or innovation of any kind he must first understand if the environment is suitable for this. Changes in the business structure were described as multifold, due to the acquisitions and mergers taking place, and also to the disappearance of smaller companies that sank under the pressure of competition, as a result of the trend for concentration that prevails in the chemical industries at large, especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sub-sectors, and also in the segments of resin-derived products and synthetic fibre products. From an internal perspective, these factors include corporate history and culture. The assessment of the environmental attributes showed that the environment had become extremely hostile and rather complex, even though turbulence was thought to stay relatively low.

Issues — In wake of the events and trends, some concerns can arise. Hence, in environmental scanning, the organization must ensure that all these aspects are covered.

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Scanning the business environment for information: a grounded theory approach