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Presenting at a conference for the first time

By failing to devise narrative descriptions of their poster, they overlook the chance to learn from conversations with their audience. This will help you relax and dissolve any awkwardness between you and the audience. Use your laser pointer effectively If using a laser pointer, do not overuse it to the point of distraction. Observe this deadline. And only uses images that are in the public domain. Resist the temptation to place information "wherever it fits" in a desperate attempt to include as many details as possible. If either sounds awkward, revert to using adjectives female, male , which work really well.

Accordingly, you should design your poster more like a set of slides than like a paper, using all the recommendations given for slides earlier in this series see Creating Presentation Slides.

They kept to a simple color scheme using the default colors of their faculty and minimized contact information and similar factual details. Add objects If your topic is related to a thing or object, attach it.

how to write a conference paper

A general rule of thumb is that one double-spaced page takes In general, avoid using red and green together, and opt to use symbols and line patterns e. For multivariate analyses, consider presenting only the results for the main variables of interest, listing the other variables in the model in a footnote and including complex statistical tables in a handout.

If you do have slides with words: enlarge the font and aim to limit each sentence to one line. Make sure you prepare for this in advance. Presenting your poster Even though a well-designed poster stands on its own, you can add value to it through your explanations and answers.

Research paper presentation sample

A Note On Timeliness Please submit your paper to the scholar who will be commenting on it in a timely manner. Tell them to leave comments on Post-It notes so provide these in container, with pens. Beilenson describes the experience of giving a poster as a dialogue between you and your viewers. Remember to breathe and take the questions in stride. Presentations are usually minutes. Keep the font size the same as the size in other sections. Following experts' advice to focus on one or two key points, these charts emphasize the findings from the final model Model 5 rather than also discussing each of the fixed- and random-effects specifications from the paper. It would be funny, plus would attract people to your poster who might not otherwise care at all. Preparing to write your conference paper There are several factors to consider as you get started on your conference paper. Rehearsing a few times in front of a friend or in front of the mirror, so that you are familiar with the content, will boost your confidence. Instead, signal quotations through the inflection of your voice or with strategic pauses. Presenting Statistical Test Results On your poster, use an approach to presenting statistical significance that keeps the focus on your results, not on the arithmetic needed to conduct inferential statistical tests. For example, the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association draws academics who conduct complex statistical analyses along with practitioners, program planners, policymakers, and journalists who typically do not.

When determining how dressed up you should be, consider your audience: is this a casual local meeting or an international conference?

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Conference Papers