A report of five year ban on human cloning research

He had also rejected any experiments in human cloning. Finally, it is worth noting that there are already many examples of restrictions on scientific research today, most obviously laws and regulations protecting human research subjects and the welfare of animals used in experiments.

We believe that a ban on the transfer of cloned embryos to a woman's uterus would be a sufficient and effective legal safeguard against the practice.

Rarely has such a seemingly small innovation raised such big questions.

Why is human cloning not ethical

Third and most important, he continued, it was imperative that international measures be established against reproductive human cloning immediately, before any attempts at that practice were made. That was an unacceptable denial of human dignity. Intermediate moral status. Yet the production of live cloned offspring is rare and the failure rate is high: more than 90 percent of attempts to initiate a clonal pregnancy do not result in successful live birth. If the procedure is successful, the cell will divide several times to produce a pre-implantation embryo -- "blastocyst" -- that is composed of about cells. The prospect of cloning human beings confronts us now not as the result of a strong public demand or a long-standing need. The Permanent Observer for the Holy See urged a worldwide and comprehensive ban on human cloning. However, it is important to pursue similar laws at the state level as well, in case federal courts strike down federal laws on constitutional or other grounds. The World Health Organization WHO had addressed the cloning issue in various forums and had adopted texts declaring that its use for reproductive purposes was ethically unacceptable and harmful to the dignity of the human being. What are the implications of allowing reproductive activities to become increasingly technological and commercialized? Chapter One The Meaning of Human Cloning: An Overview The prospect of human cloning i burst into the public consciousness in , following the announcement of the successful cloning of Dolly the sheep. But [there will be] no universal convention. The two countries said a U.

If we permit this research to proceed, we will effectively be endorsing the complete transformation of nascent human life into nothing more than a resource or a tool. While he recognized the importance of discussing ethical issues in international forums, he believed there were more appropriate occasions on which to do so.

Its national debate on therapeutic cloning would likely also lead to a restrictive regime nationally.

how long does it take to clone a human

Cloning and Human Procreation Human procreation provides the major context for considering the prospect of cloning, especially cloning-to-produce-children.

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Special report: Dim chance for global cloning ban