A journey by bus

Now the sights outside were interesting.

My first bus journey class 9

But we were anxious to pass out Sunday afternoon on the sea beach. Nowadays most of the buses in our State are crowded with passengers. The conductor tried to pack the bus with as many passengers as possible. The week before Sunday had been a very hot one. There was pleasant sunshine. I had recess for some days. I do not, however, agree with this view. Some of the passengers were sleeping and some of them were busy reading newspapers or magazines. At about The police do not check it. The bus was moving ahead leaving behind the trees, houses, paddy fields on the both sides of the road. It will remain ever fresh in my memory. It was not air-conditioned like many other buses. Meanwhile, we killed the time by sitting on a bench near the queue.

The police do not check it. We got off thanking our stars that we had reached safely. It was all already jam-packed. The bus staff was shouting Fakir Bari.

a journey by bus paragraph 100 words

It was already crowded. The trees, houses, fields, markets and all seemed to be running backward.

A journey by bus

We got down from the bus. We reached the bus stand early in the morning. The bus ran at a stretch without stopping for about two hours. Things came to my vision and vanished in the twinkling of an eye. One hour. It was not clean inside. They are educative too. That's why I made this website. When the bus stopped at the stoppages, a few hawkers were hawking goods. The weather of the day was suitable for our journey. It then stopped at a place named Plash. Our bus was running along the well-paved smooth road at an alarming speed. He replied that he was a college student and lived in Gujranwala and was going to Rawalpindi. It was all already jam-packed. As we were walking to the bus, we saw some persons running after a young man.

Many land vehicles were running along the rugged road from the opposite direction. So we are destined to travel on crowded buses. The bus would start there at 7. The pine trees looked very charming.

A bus journey paragraph for class 6

We were passing Jahangirnagar University. But the natural beauty was so attractive and charming that I could not turn take my eyes away from it. Sometimes we had pleasant talks with our fellow passengers. We jumped as soon the bus as it came to a stop. They sat beside us. I sat beside a window and was looking outside. But that was no regret of mine. As we were walking to the bus, we saw some persons running after a young man. Hearing the news my heart danced with Joy. However, I had quite a pleasant experience of the journey by bus which I undertook last Sunday. Some sitting passengers were dozing.

The troublesome passenger was busy exchanging hot words with the conductor. Moreover, I found myself quite grown up to be courageous and bold. We were all fed up with his show.

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Then our bus began to run through rural areas.

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Journey by Bus