A comparison of philosophies in socialism marxism and communism

Most of the means of production, such as factories and businesses, are owned by private individuals and not by the government. Background: The Industrial Revolution The new work schedule that many people found too restraining on their lives in comparison with the freer lifestyle under cottage industry.

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Between the two bugs, a very significant inequality of condition obtains. One can notice that in their pure ideological concepts, capitalism and socialism are exact opposites.

In response, proponents of socialism point to the example of the Scandinavian countries, which have a very high standard of living and generous social programs, thanks to the very intrusive government regulations and high taxes imposed on the rich.

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I, Strains of anarchism have also been present in this more radical wing of the socialist intellectual tradition. Justice, Inequality, Community This article has not said very much about equality as a socialist ideal.

Socialism vs communism

Human nature, in short, poses no serious obstacle to socialism. Socialism in discussions or publications. Although centrally planned economies eliminate the worst forms of poverty, they do not produce generalized affluence. But probe more deeply, some socialists contend, and the unpaid nature of much work under capitalism becomes clear. Under private ownership, individuals or groups of individuals for example, corporations are the primary agents of ownership; it is they who enjoy the various rights of use, control, transfer, income generation, and so on discussed above. The socialistic system as established almost years ago in the Soviet Union was intended as an egalitarian society run by people's representatives in the best interests of all. Communist Countries It is difficult to classify countries as being either communist or socialist. Although his language is from , the modern capitalist system is firmly entrenched in his ideals. Marx and Engels in their critique of capitalism pointed out that ruthless competition and heartless pursuit of money are immoral as they create exploitation of the masses by the very few privileged ones. In fact, we find precisely the opposite.

The ownership is acquired through a democratically elected government. What does bear on the distribution of income in a parecon is effort and sacrifice Socialists are radical democrats. Surely not.

marxism vs communism
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The rise of socialism and Marxism