A chemical experiment to find out the number of things that affects rates of reaction

As the average kinetic energy increases, the particles move faster and collide more frequently per unit time and possess greater energy when they collide. Watch this video to see an example. You can change the concentration of a gas by adding more gas to a fixed volume or by decreasing the volume of the container.

Handle all chemicals with care. However, if you have million of those particles within the same volume, then of them react. Physical state of the reactants and surface area. Temperature: When you raise the temperature of a system, the molecules bounce around a lot more. The different ways you approached your friend represent the different orientations of the molecules.

This would happen over time without the presence of the catalyst.

what are the 4 factors that affect the rate of reaction

Approaching from their left sideways so that your right side is on their leftit is easy to link up. Chemical reactions proceed at different rates. Results Note write down what you observe.

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Factors Affecting Reaction Rates